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An intentional customer experience — for artists, assistants, and clients

When you use MYI you should feel like we genuinely give a shit - about you, your clients, your needs.

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A lil about me

A UX designer passionate about sustainability, accessibility, and balance. And a tattoo client myself.

Company values

Intentionally different. Run like a small businesss, focused on community.

Let’s prioritize tattoo that you want to do

Rate and estimate booking requests, and Mind Your Ink will solve the calendar Tetris. Less time managing books, more time for you.

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Review requests by rating them on how much you want to do them and estimate time and cost We create a calendar based on your appointment request ratings

How the heck does it work?

Automated client reminders

Don’t stress about reminding clients about their appointments. We’ll do that for you :) Acceptance (including links for deposits), declined, 24-hour reminders, and day-of reminders are sent. You’re cc’d on all for visibility and quick client communication.

📅 Rolling scheduling

If you want to keep your books open, go for it! We’ll let you know when you have a new appointment request to review, and you can accept it on the spot to get it on the calendar ASAP.

✍️ Booking request form

Whether an artist or assistant, spend less time on admin work through auto appointment reminders, fast books setup, and more.

🕒 Automated books opening

Set the time and date for your books to open, and we’ll do all the work for you!

✏️ Appointment request review

For each appointment request, you’ll rate it and add a time + cost estimate. This allows us to create a calendar proposal plus give clients a heads up on time/cost estimates and track your accuracy ;)

🗓️ Calendar proposal

If you follow an open/close booking cycle, we create a calendar proposal based on your ratings and estimates. You can review and tweak it before acceptance emails get sent to clients.

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We want to hear from you about what you need! Like actually. I (Sarah) will truly read your DMs and comments. Even if you just write about your cat or what you ate for lunch.

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