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Tired of your life revolving around appointment management? We are too. We created Mind Your Ink to give you back control so you can spend less time on admin work and more time doing what you love — creating badass tattoos (or whatever else you love doing… like sleep!).

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Feature Highlights

Smart Appointment Request Review

Stay in control of your schedule and set appointments based on your availability and client needs. Quickly review and estimate each request, giving your clients clear time and cost details upfront. Clients confirm their spot by paying the deposit, making the whole process smooth and efficient. We'll even keep track of your estimates to offer personalized recommendations for future appointments.

Flexible Booking Management

Take control of your schedule with flexible booking options. Keep your calendar open for continuous booking or set specific open and close times. Whether you prefer rolling scheduling or setting specific open/close times, you’re empowered to run things the way you want and need.

Streamlined Request Form

Spend less time chasing after the info you need. With Mind Your Ink’s intuitive booking request form, you can easily capture all the information you need from clients in a way that’s easy for them and helpful for you.

Automatic Reminders

Never worry about reminding clients about their appointments again. Mind Your Ink automatically sends acceptance notifications, including links for deposits, declined notifications, and 72-hour and day-of reminders. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you keep your personal touch throughout the process with custom content options, CC'd notifications for visibility, and quick client communication.

Our Story

At Mind Your Ink, we believe that tattoo scheduling should be more than just a transaction—it should be a seamless experience for both artists and clients.

Our journey began with a shared love for tattoos and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by artists in the industry. Founded by Sarah, a passionate UX designer and tattoo lover, Mind Your Ink was born out of a desire to create a platform that prioritizes the needs of the tattoo community above all else. We're not a corporate venture—we're a labor of love built by tattoo enthusiasts and artists, committed to empowering creators and streamlining the scheduling process.

Join us in revolutionizing the tattoo industry, one appointment at a time.

Meet the Team

Sarah (she/her)
Austin, TX

Sarah is the heart and soul of Mind Your Ink. As the founder and designer, she brings her expertise in UX design and her passion for sustainability, accessibility, and balance to every aspect of the platform. With a deep appreciation for the art of tattooing and a firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by artists, Sarah is dedicated to creating a space that truly caters to the needs of the tattoo community.

Seth (he/him)
Onalaska, TX

If Sarah is the heart and soul of Mind Your Ink, Seth is the brainstem and four humors. He uses his decades of early-stage tech experience to not only craft a solid platform for artists and their clients but also build a company that you’ll genuinely want to work with.

Chance (he/him)
Austin, TX

Chance is the mascot and furry morale booster of the team. Always ready with a wagging tail and a playful spirit, he brings joy and energy to everything we do. You might see Chance making appearances on our social media, spreading smiles and good vibes as he helps us connect with our community of fellow doge lovers (and cats too, Sarah grew up in a cat household). He's a very good boy.

We're all ears at Mind Your Ink!

Sarah is here to personally engage with you and address any questions or feedback you may have. Seriously, she'll read your DMs and comments—whether it's about your next tattoo idea or your cat's latest antics. Follow us on Instagram and let’s chat.

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