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Aritst (beta price)

For tattoo artists or assistants for individual artists


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Apprentice (beta price)

While you're in your apprenticeship, we've offer accessible pricing


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Assistant (beta price)

For assistants managing 2 or more artists at a time


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Shop (beta price)

For shops that want to provide Mind Your Ink to 2 or more artists


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- What does the monthly renewal and billing process look like?

Each paid subscription automatically renews for the same subscription period and price each month after you start. If you have concerns about specific billing dates within the month, reach out to our support email and we can chat about it.

- Do you offer bulk subscriptions at a discount?

Want to pay for 6 or 12 months up front for a discounted price? Reach out to our support email so we can provide you with options.

- How do I cancel a subscription?

Reach out to our support email to let us know! We'll help you take care of that. If you cancel within 14 days of your first sign-up, we'll offer a full refund. Any cancellations after that give you access to your account for the remainder of your pre-paid month, and your account access will cease at the end of that pre-paid period.

- I started using an assistant or switched shops, do I need to change my account status?

Unless your assistant already has a Mind Your Ink account or wants to start using it for other artists besides you, no need to change anything. For shops, we'll just make sure your shop info is updated in the system. If the shop you moved to already uses Mind Your Ink and provides it to artists, we can shift your account's monthly billing to the shop, but your account will stay the same.